CE Marking

CE Marking

CE Marking stands for the "Conformity European". It is a Trade Passport for the European Union (EU).It refers to the Safety assurance of the product not to the quality assurance. The countries which are under the EU have introduced a sequence of standards or directives. Product Compliance is mandatory. CE Marking is mandatory for certain products sold within the European Union. CE mark is a trademark of free marketability in the European countries. It indicates the compliance of product with EU Legislation. Affixing the CE marking on the product, a manufacture declaring its conformity with all the legal requirement to achieve CE.

Benefits Of CE Marking

  • Increase brand value in the European Union Countries.
  • Provide safety at workplace and Reduces liability claims.
  • Provide Safety assurance of the products.
  • Provides Quality Standard to the product.
  • Provides legal authority to export the products in European Market.
  • Provides free access to market in different countries.

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Directives Of CE Marking

Directive For Directive ref. number
Low Voltage Equipment 2006 / 95 / EC
EMC (Notified- and Competent Body) 2004 / 108 / EC
Medical Equipment 93 / 42 / EEC
Machinery 98 / 37 / EC
Electrical Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres 94/ 9/ EC
Radio and Telecom Terminal Equipment 99 / 5 / EC
Acoustic Noise 00/ 14 / EC
Marine equipment 96 /98 / EC + 98/85/EC
Automotive equipment (Technical Service) 95 /54 / EC + 97/24/EC
Construction Products Directive 89/ 106 / EEC

Process To Get CE Marking

  • Identify the Applicable Directives:- There are approximately 25 CE Marking directives for different product groups such as (Medical Devices, Machinery, Toy Safety, Construction Products, LVD), more than one directive can apply to the single product. For that reason, it is important first to identify which directives apply to the product.
  • Identify the Requirements For Applicable Standards:- Harmonized Standards are easiest way to identify the requirements for the Applicable Standards as proof of compliance with the directives. Harmonized Standards are those standards which are accepted byEuropean Union (EU) as providing to proof of Compliance.
  • Identify the Route To Conformity:- It is a self declaration process, Conformity basically depends on directives and classification of products and degree of risk associated
  • Assessment of the Product Conformity:- Product Conformity Assessment is also known as compliance assessment helps to determine that the product, process, service meets the Technical standards and fulfills requirements.
  • Maintain the Technical File:- Technical file usually defines as a Technical documentation, relating to the product needs to be compiled. It is also defines the development and details of the design of the product. Technical file includes-Technical description, Circuit diagram, Bill of materials, Specification of the product, Test reports and assessment, EC declaration of conformity and Instructions
  • Make A Declaration And Affix The CE Mark:- When the Importers and the manufactures are satisfied with their product conforms to the applicable standards and the declaration of conformity has been completed then the final step to affix the CE Mark on the product.